What We Do

TOMSA DESTIL S.L has more than a century of experience in the production of alcohol.

We can design, produce and supply complete or partial distilleries for Rum, Brandy, Tequila, Whisky, Vodka, Gin and any other alcohol beverage.

In the biofuels sector, we can supply complete or partial plants for alcohol (pure, bioethanol or industrial) and biodiesel, including DDGS plants and by-products processing.

In the industrial sector, we can supply complete or partial plants for any distillation processes like solvents distillation, solvents dehydration, chemicals treatment, pharmaceutical processes, Inulin extraction and treatment as well as wastewater processing. In this field, we have advanced in our know-how of Industrial Tanks of various sizes either in Stainless or Carbon Steel, with a highly efficient erection system.

In the energy sector, we can supply biomass power plants and the treatment of biomass for this purpose.

In the sugar industry, we can supply complete or partial sugar cane factories and the production of raw or refined sugar, diffusers for the processing of the sugar cane, molasses treatment, syrups concentration, and wastewater treatment.

We can design, supply and guarantee the process of any known feedstock, such as sugar cane, sweet and grain sorghum, sugar and energy beets, corn, wheat, grapes, molasses, agave, potato, dates and cassava among others.


Own technology for any type of fermentation, continuous or discontinuous, with or without recovery of yeast.

Our technology allows the use of any type of yeast, from the most elaborated to the simplest such as bread yeast.

We have our own bank for non-commercial yeasts, available to our customers.

Diffuser Bands

In-House process developed, improved & optimized based on experience and know-how within Tomsa Destil.

Cutting edge technological solutions exclusive to our diffusers.

We have an extensive experience in differente raw materials: sugar cane, agave, enocianinas extraction from grape lees, sugar&alcohol from grape lees, dates.

Our difussers are custom designed for whatever raw feed or capacity.

Diffusers are supplied in modules ready for assembly and speedy start-up.

Distillation and Dehydration

We are pioneers on the vacuum distillation unit.

Minimum consumption

Our process technology highly reduces energetic consumption. Steam consumption reduced by 40-50% when compared to traditional atmospheric pressure systems.

Elimination of scaling

Vacuum technology together in combination with Tomsa designed columns reduces scaling and solid deposition inside the columns allowing for the equipment to operate at full capacity and optimum efficiency, non stop, all year round, thus increasing our customers revenue.

Process stability

Our process can be controlled by a single operator in distillation area. The stability allows a production of a consistently high quality.

Reduced by-products

Our equipments are designed to operate at flow rates well below nominal capacity without affecting product quality.

Waste Treatment

We can make your distillery zero discharge.

Vinasses Evaporation
  • All kind of evaporators (Falling Film, Thermosyphon)
  • Great reduction of scaling
  • Minimum energetic consumption
  • Mechanical and thermal recompression of vapor from other processes
  • Over 10 years developing evaporation systems for any raw material
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic digestors
  • Reduction of pollution load of the stillage (DBO DQO)
  • Fuel biogas generation
  • Rotatory Trommel
  • All kinds of raw materials
  • DDGS production

With the combination of these elements we can make your distillery zero discharge.


Distiller's Dried Grain with Solubles

(Wet Distiller's Grain) are the most abundant products generated in the grain ethanol plants via dry milling. Its key application is the animal feed as they are composed of polymers of unfermented and non hydrolized sugars, proteins, fatty acids and essentially fiber.

Tomsa Destil has the know-how and proven experience in the design, construction and commissioning of the process of obtaining DDGS for all types of cereal.

Turnkey Projects

The team of Tomsa Destil has extensive experience in executing turnkey projects anywhere in the world in the most unfavorable weather conditions.

We have a great resume of works performed in areas with limited technical resources (developing countries, small island with no resources, etc.) by performing a precise planning of the logistics of supplies and the hiring of skilled labor from different geographic regions to overcome gaps in areas with little industry resources.

We deal with:

  • Engineering
  • Government permits
  • Earthworks
  • Foundations
  • Steel structures
  • Process Equipment
  • General services and Utilities
  • Storage park
  • Connections for utilities (gas, water, electricity, telephone, etc.)
  • Offices and ancillery buildings
  • Fire-fighting systems
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electrical and Control System installation
  • Roads, landscaping, urbanization
  • Lighting
  • Paintings, thermal insulation, perimeter fencing.
  • Furniture and office
  • Provision of laboratory equipment and maintenance shops.
  • Testing, commissioning.
  • Training of personnel.
  • Management, operation and maintenance.
  • Technical Support 24x7

Tomsa Destil also offers other technologies in processes other than alcohol sector with experience and references refuted on the market:

  • Vinasses Treatment
  • Extraction of essential oils from various plants
  • Recovery of tartrates from grape residues
  • Physico-chemical treatments of waste water for different industries
  • Treatment of discharges of sausage factories and slaughterhouses
  • Complete solutions for the treatment of slurry including solid exploitation, ammonium sulfate recovery and water separation and purification
  • Treatment of liquid waste from the pharmaceutical industry
  • Evaporators for food industry
  • Anaerobic and aerobic digesters