A Reliable Supplier And Subcontractor

With over 150 years of experience as a contractor in the alcohol industry, Tomsa Destil has developed a wide range of diversified activities to satisfy the needs of any engineering EPC company. Having its own workshops, TOMSA has manufactured, delivered and erected more than 400 plants worldwide with high quality and a reputation for compliance and delivery on time and budget.  We believe that the right partnership can create an unparalleled synergy greater than the sum of its parts.

A recent example of mutual collaboration between Tomsa and an EPC contractor would be the specialized projects being developed at Bacardi in Puerto Rico. TOMSA DESTIL was selected by FLUOR; Bacardi’s designated EPC, to provide brand new customized stainless steel tanks for alcohol storage in their Puerto Rico plant. The stainless steel tanks have met all API standard requirements for alcohol conservation in all weather conditions. The work is expected to be finished on schedule in the first quarter of 2014 while TOMSA and FLUOR continue to work together towards a successful project completion.

Tomsa can also supply complete or partial equipment for handling, pretreatment, hydrolysis, fermentation, distillation and dehydration of alcohol from any feedstock, such as:

Tomsa prides itself in being the undisputed supplier in distillery equipment and complete lines for: Rum, Brandy, Tequila, Whisky, Vodka, Gin, as well as bioethanol. We can also provide distillation process for chemical and food industries, solvents distillation, syrups’ concentration, Inulin extraction and treatment, tubular heat exchangers, distillation pot stills, as well as sections and equipment for the sugar cane factories, sugar cane diffusers, and evaporators.

Tomsa can work as a subcontractor to supply general industry equipment like:

Through years of experience we have learned to value the importance of a good partnership with valuable and reputable companies. We look forward for the opportunity to work with contractors for the supply and installation of industrial equipment.