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Welcome to Tomsa Destil's USA Division

The association of Tomsa Destil, S.L., headquartered in Madrid, Spain and Goven, who represents TOMSA in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and other Latin American markets gave an impulse for the further development of production and distribution of bio-fuels, ethanol, edible alcohol, biodiesel and all the renewable organic based fuels in America.

More than a century of experience in producing plants with "state of the art" technology of Tomsa Destil, combined with the business experience of Goven Investments Inc., bring a new synergy of a combined force to help reduce the dependence of imported oil and the emergence of new fuel solutions. We can produce plants for almost every purpose, and from any feedstock concievable, such as sweet sorghum, sugar cane, cassava, bio-mass, waste, wood chips, etc.