Tomsa Destil's History

The company's origins in the alcohol sector go back to the 19th century, starting up in "La Mancha" region of central Spain, the area with the highest production of wine alcohol in the world. From the outset it dedicated itself to the alcohol production sector.

From this moment on, its personnel have studied the ways and means of improving the method of producing alcohol, aiming for obtaining the highest quality at the lowest cost and is now capable of designing and building equipment for all types of alcohol production and for all sections of the factory. It is also quite capable of supplying alcohol plants in a turn-key way, to any country worldwide.

Up until the middle of the 1970's TOMSA occupied itself with the local national market, and at this time it developed the vacuum distillation process. By the end of the 70's the vacuum process was operating with great success in various factories in Spain with huge savings on energy consumption. With this new system, Tomsa launched into the international market, concentrating mainly on South and Central America.

The company expanded rapidly and has built equipment in all the five continents and for all types of raw materials, and producing all types of alcohol. In the 1980's the company underwent some restructuring and under the name of TOMSA DESTIL was brought together the administration with the fabrication division, making TOMSA more flexible and able to adapt quickly to the fastly changing alcohol sector.

TOMSA DESTIL now concentrates mainly on the International market and has the structure and personnel to take on large turn-key projects, as well as small modifications, modernization or repairs to existing plants.

TOMSA DESTIL uses its own tried and tested know-how covering all facets of the alcohol production process, and all design and engineering are done "in-house". The personnel also has many years of experience in the manufacture of equipment and in the start-up and operation of this type of factory. This experience and know-how gives TOMSA DESTIL and its clients the comfort in ensuring the correct operation of the plant at start-up and for many years afterwards.