Case Studies

TOMSA Destil is an internationally renowned company that has supplied over 400 Alcohol Plants, as well as Biodiesel and Bioethanol Plants during the last 30 years over five continents.

TOMSA Destil USA has collaborated on projects in the US, Caribbean, and Asian markets among others. We take pride in the recent completion of the Cpt. Morgan Rum plant in St. Croix for Diageo as well as the procurement and erection of stainless steel tanks for the Bacardi plant in Puerto Rico. Follow the links to find out more about these projects.

When DIAGEO decided to build a new plant in St. Croix, Virgin Islands (V.I.), for the production of Captain Morgan Rum, the bidder’s requirements were clear: High Quality Products, Performance Guaranteed, Under Budget, On Time, Technologically Advanced and in Compliance with USA Federal and V.I. Regulations.

TOMSA entered in the bid and finally won the opportunity to supply, build and commission the distillery for this DIAGEO project.

The construction of the 20 million proof gallon rum distillery began in August of 2009, and was completed on time and on budget, with a laudable safety record. The distillery was constructed following Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification principles.

TOMSA solved several of the problems encountered during the project. Among them were the reception and preparation of important quantities of sugar cane molasses, a controlled fermentation process and the distillation of the mash in state-of-the-art vacuum distillation columns, which distill the alcohol at lower temperatures, using less energy, and releasing nothing into the air. This process causes less scaling and wear-and-tear on equipment. The alcohol produced at the plant starts out at nearly 190 proof-almost pure alcohols.

In addition, the design of the plant with tanks and auxiliary equipment had to comply with the requirements of a location subject to hurricanes and seismic conditions. All the demands were met as well as the EPA requirements for pollution and environmental regulations.

The grand opening of the rum distillery took place on November 23, 2010. TOMSA was proud to have delivered the plant to DIAGEO with ample time before opening and with DIAGEO’S full acceptance of their work.

TOMSA is honored of its collaboration with DIAGEO and the success of their common efforts.

BACARDI, an international renowned rum producer, decided to update their spirit alcohol plant in Puerto Rico. Today the Bacardi distillery in San Juan is the largest distillery in the world and a showcase of technology and efficiency. It is known as the Cathedral of Rum, producing over 100,000 liters of rum, of various qualities, every 24 hours.

BACARDI assigned the international engineering company FLUOR as its representative for the update and modernization of the San Juan Plant. FLUOR opened several international bids for the supply and construction of different parts of the plant update.

TOMSA received the opportunity to bid in several of these components and won the possibility to work with FLUOR and BACARDI in the tank farm section. TOMSA is supplying and erecting a large number of tanks complying with BACARDI and FLUOR requirements. These are complex stainless steel tanks which have to comply with API Standards, plus the particular requirements of the location as well as hurricane resistance. These contracted tanks will have incorporated properties of TOMSA’s own design and technology for reinforcing rings and tank structure.

This section of BACARDI's ambitious modernization project is scheduled to be completed in 2014. TOMSA will continue to participate in the coming bids for the remaining items trusting their scope of supply and expertise developed for more than a century. TOMSA is proud to work together with BACARDI in this endeavor now and in the future.